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Hike From the Kinneret to the Mediterranean Sea




4 Nights, 5 Days

November 13-17, 2022


1 Country



1 Region


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Walking and Hiking


₪3975 Shekels

Double Occupancy

 (Single supplement available)

Once-in-a-Lifetime Israeli Experience!

Join Those Who Have Walked the Breadth of Israel!

Hiking Levels

Level 1: Hiking

Hikers will walk every step of the 82k from the Kinneret to the Mediterranean Sea.

Walking approx. 12-18 kilometers a day

Level 2: Walking

Walkers will hike Yam L'Yam highlights approx. 5-8 kilometers a day


Each level has their own tour guide!

Hikers and Walkers


Walkers Itinerary 

Itinerary for Walkers

We will be doing Yam L Yam highlights about 5-8 k a day and then historical and cultural touring in the afternoon. 

We begin with collecting water from the Kinneret.


Water we will carry with us and reunite with the Mediterranean.


Day 1
Morning: Nachal Amud 
Afternoon: The first century Jewish village of Magdala (time permitting)

Length: 3-6 k 
Duration: Approximately 3 -4.5 hours
Difficulty: moderate
Terrain: The trail will be the rockiest that we will experience on this trip while the scenery is spectacular

Day 2 
Morning: Nachal Amud + Wading time in the stream 
Afternoon: Crusader fortress in Tsfat, Historic Biryah and time permitting the Artisan quarter
Length: 5 km
Duration: Approximately 4 hours
Difficulty: Walking along jeep path followed by a long steep walk uphill
Terrain: Gravel and dirt path, then forest path then stairs

Day 3  
Morning:  Mt. Meron 
Afternoon: Ancient synagogue Pekiin and the cave of Rashbi
Length: 4-6 km
Duration: Approximately 3 hours
Difficulty: Easy hiking first mostly flat and then downhill
Terrain: Hiking paths

Day 4 
Morning: Kziv Stream and water walking 
Afternoon: Keshet Cave 
Length: 5 km + 1km
Duration: Approximately 5 hours
Difficulty: moderate walking
Terrain: walking paths that begin with a steep downhill

Day 5 
Morning: Nachal Betzet:
Finish Yam Le Yam hike with a walk from the Yad Leyad memorial to the  Sea.
Length: 5 km
Duration: Approximately 4 hours
Difficulty: moderate hiking
Terrain: Rocky downhill. Short uphill on a paved road


Trip Includes

Licensed tour guides

Week-long transportation

All kosher meals + wine + beer to unwind after a full day's hike

Comfortable accommodations

Campfire with guitar and stories

Video Testimonials