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Cultural Israel Trips


20th August, 2023


A Day of Culture

5 July, 2023

9:00 - 16:00



Gedera, Israel

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Learn and Explore



Single:  525 NIS

Couple: 975 NIS

Experience the Culture

  • Experience and Taste the "Buna Tetu" Coffee Ceremony

  • Lecture about Ethiopian lifestyle & adapting their lifestyle to modern day Israeli life

  • Lunch - Authentic Ethiopian food done in small groups so you can interact with your hosts

  • Learn to count in Amharic

  • Tour of the agricultural garden where your lunch was grown

  • Ethiopian Song and Dance workshop

  • Full transportation from Jerusalem 

  • Vegan Lunch Included!

All this for only 525 Shekels!

Ethiopian Jewry

Taste and Experience

"Buna Tetu" Coffee Ceremony

​Ethiopia, globally known as the birthplace of coffee, is famous for “buna,” a coffee-making ceremony that involves roasting, grinding and brewing beans while partaking in a community-oriented tradition.

'Buna tetu' which translates to 'come drink coffee' is a famous communal tradition in Ethiopia. Families will send children to knock on their neighbors' homes to invite them to come share some coffee.


This bonding nature of Ethiopians is a key thread in the fabric of its society.


Agricultural Skills

In Ethiopia every family engaged in agriculture, the knowledge and ability to grow food was very critical to live a good life there.  Skills of dealing with pests, lack of water, seed preservation, were very essential.

We will have a special meeting with the Agricultural workers, learn about their experiences and take part in their project.

Experience & Taste

Get Hosted by a Local Family and taste the Amazing Ethiopian Cuisine

This Culinary experience, will teach us the Ethiopian table manners and their codes of love and respect.

We will taste the traditional Ethiopian Cuisine:

The festive Dabu bread, Ingra, and a variety of traditional Ethiopian dishes.

(All Vegan and have Gluten Free options)


 Traditional Ethiopian Dance Workshop

In Ethiopia there was a very rich variety of dance styles, most of them were created from daily movements of various jobs such as harvesting, sifting, hunting and more.


We will hear and see some of the dance styles and to the sounds of Ethiopian music we will learn the Amharic Eskesta dance and dance happily together.

Other Cultural Day Trips

  • Moroccan Marriage Encounter

  • Bedouin desert Experience

  • Who are the Druze?

  • Chirkesim: Meet the Warrior tribe

  • Marranos living in Israel

  • Journey of the Bnei Minasha to Israel

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