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Am Israel Chai!

The Hands-on Inspiring Israel Solidarity Trip 
Bake, Cook+ Interact with the Soldiers,Help the farms, Visit the Nova Festival Site,Sit Around the Campfire and Go on Nature Walks

Feel Connected!

 July 28-August 1,2024  



July 28- August 1,2024

August 18-22,2024



Kibbutz Kfar Etzion, Moshav Tirosh,Nes Tzyona,Nova Festival Site

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Cooknig.Baking,Agricultural Volunteering ,Nature Walks  Campfires and Togetherness 

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ppr at double occupancy

Currency of payment is Shekels.

x 3.8 shekel exchange rate

Single room supplement $640


Israel Solidarity Trip

The Trip that Makes it Simple to come and Volunteer!

  • Pick Oranges and live the Zionist dream! 

  • Bake, Cook, and Interact with the Soldiers

  • Tragedy + Inspiration when we visit the Nova Festival Site 

  • Marshmallows, Song+Stories at the Campfire 

  • Relaxing Nature Walks

  • Communal Meals- It is a little like camp

  • Glatt Kosher
  • Davening & Minyanim & Sefer Torah

  • Very nice accommodations

Baking for the Soldiers 

On Both Sunday and Monday of the trip, everyone comes to my house to bake and cook for the soldiers. After a hearty home-cooked meal, a bus picks us up and we go out to deliver the cakes where the soldiers are doing guard duty. We go a little off the beaten path to where the soldiers are standing in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere.  It is difficult to describe their expressions when we show up with the cakes.

They are thrilled and our hearts melt.


Save Israel's Agricultural Farming

The agricultural farms in Israel are an essential part of the country’s economy,  and they’ve suffered huge setbacks due to the war. There is a feeling of family and belonging as we help the farmers.Hundreds of helpers are needed every day to keep the farms running at full capacity.

Your work makes a real difference!

The work is physically demanding. 

Feel Connected,Feel Family,Experience Nationhood 

Why are we Volunteering?

*Our hearts are so open as we give to the Jewish people. 

*Our Zionism comes alive as we sink our hands into the land.

*Agricultural Volunteering is the heartbeat of our unity.


The farmers can't stop saying thank you and shaking their heads as they say. "You came all the way from the U.S. to help us! Kol HaKavod!"


Sample Itinerary

Sunday Afternoon 

*Baking cakes for the soldiers and delivering them to lonely outposts 


*Agricultural Volunteering -Picking Oranges 

*Shabbat cooking for the soldiers.

*Lecture: The Future of Israel and Palestinians  


*Picking Oranges by Nes Tziona

*Relaxing Nature Walk

*Campfire and Musical Kumzitz


*Visit Nova Festival Site

*Volunteer repairing an army base

*Meet survivors of the Oct. 7 massacre  


Check out +Volunteer planting tomatoes at Moshav Zechariah.

A tug at the heart as we say goodbye.


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