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Cultural Israel Trips


TBA , 2024


A Day of Culture


7:45 - 16:30



Asufia , Israel

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Learn and Explore




Single:  675 NIS

Couple: 1300 NIS

Experience the Druze Culture

  • Authentic Kosher Druze Breakfast ( With Hashgacha)

  • Meet a Druze Musican

  • Druze Knafeh Workshop and Ceremony

  • Meet the Locals

  • Learn about Druze women's rights 

  • Find out why Druze love being Zionists!

  • Guided Historical Walking Tour of Druze Village

All this for only 695 Shekels! - For more info contact us here

The Druze Culture

Taste and Experience

The Druze Culture

Who are the Druze? In the Carmel mountains, there is the Druze village Asafia, that is known for its charming and hospitable residents. A village with fascinating stories. Picturesque alleys and breathtaking views .

We will have a Delicious and Kosher Druze breakfast served with a generous hand. Sit in a tent fulled of stories and history and enjoy the Druze hospitality with tea, coffee and Baklava.

Let's engrave in your memory a fascinating experience you won't forget. 


Walk Through the Village

What is their life like? Discover the hidden gems of the Druze culture on a tour through the village of Asufia. Learn about the Druze way of life, enjoy the beautiful view of the ancient village and hear how women are an integral part of their society. Our knowledgeable tour guides will give you a unique insight into this fascinating culture.

Traditional Knafe Workshop

What is Knafeh? A Knafeh Workshop where you can experience a culinary fun like no other! A traditional Druze food that is made with fresh cheeses from their very own dairy. You will learn all about the Knafeh and where it came from. Best of all, you get to eat a delicious handmade Knafeh crafted by you!


Learn about the Druze Soldiers in the IDF

Why are Druze Proud Zionists?  

The Druze Soldiers in the IDF are a dedicated and passionate group who demonstrate their proud Zionism and unwavering commitment to the Israeli defense forces. Through a first-hand story, from a soldier from the Shabas Unit, you can hear about how the Druze experience the IDF and the values and beliefs that guide their service. Their unique culture and heritage is a source of strength and pride for the Druze community, and their loyalty to the IDF is unquestioned.

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For more info contact us here

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