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Learn. Experience. Enjoy.

Frum & Fun

August 19-29, 2024-Sold Out!
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November 11-21,2024



11 Days

 19th - 29th August




Tokyo, Kobe, Kyoto and


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Learning about a Unique Culture and Experiencing Adventures


Currency of payment is Shekels.

x 3.8 shekel exchange rate

Double Occupancy

Single room supplement: $1100

Early Bird price valid until April 18   

Please note:  Travel cancellation insurance is required

Kosher World Adventures Trip to Japan

A Tour that allows you to keep Glatt Kosher and Daven with a minyan!

  • Shoguns, Samurais and Ninjas 

  • Experience a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. 

  • Owakudani Active Volcano - Cable car ride

  • Experience an Authentic Japanese Karaoke Club

  • Emotionally connect - Hiroshima and the site of the A-Bomb dome

  • Boat cruise along the Ashi River with views of Mount Fuji! 

  • Experience the serenity of Japanese Nunobiki Gardens

  • Be amazed at the Unique Japanese Artistry. 

  • Sushi and Japanese Caligraphy Workshops

  • Very High Level of Kashrut, Tefilah, Sefer Torah and Shmirat Shabbat



August 19

Yokoso! Welcome to Japan!

  • Seeing that we are arriving from all over the world on different flights, we’ll all meet at our hotel in Tokyo by Monday afternoon.

  • Opening dinner with a surprise at Chabad Tokyo. You are going to love the surprise!

  • Back to the hotel for a much needed sleep to prepare for our first touring day tomorrow.

Accommodations: Grand Prince Hotel Shin Takanawa

(Or similar)



August 20

History,Gardens and Culture

Theme of the  Day: Should Japan be opened or closed to the world?

  •  Stroll through the Serene Gardens leading to the Meiji Shrine, dedicated to the memory of Emperor Meiji, Japan’s 122nd Emperor.

  • Visit Harajuku Japan's Avant-garde street. 

  • We’ll cross back into Yoyogi Park for a Picnic Lunch

  • Niju Bashi Bridge: Gateway to the Emperer's Palace

  •  Sengakuji Temple- Stories of honor, betrayal, and ritual suicide- The 47 Ronin.

Accommodations: Tokyo 



August 21

Hakone - Adventure,Art & Culture

Theme of the Day: Being present in the fleeting moments of beauty

  • Shacharit & Breakfast

  •  The world-renowned Ichiku Kubota Kimono Museum & Gardens- You have to remove your shoes or Saiko Iyashi no Sato Nenba (Healing Village) .Depending on season

  • Hakone pirate river cruise.

  • Cable Car ride up the mountains to Owakudani Valley - an active volcanic area, with views of Mount Fuji.

  • Hakone Open Air Museum - where hundreds of sculptures made by the greatest Japanese and world artists are displayed on a mountain slope - the museum with the world’s largest private collection of the works of Pablo Picasso. For the daring, there is a food bath!

Accommodations: Tokyo


August 22

Creativity,Tradition,Technology and Caligraphy 

  • Shacharit & Breakfast

  • Team lab immersive art complex- Experiential, fun and engaging!

  • Enjoy our lunch as we ferry on the Asakusa River.

  • Buddhist temple Senso-ji What is the response to finding a statue of the  Goddess of Mercy at sea? 

  • Traditional Japanese Souvenir shopping 

  •  We transfer to Kobe on the Bullet Train traveling at 300 kilometers an hour.

  • Dinner and Japanese Caligraphy workshop



August 23

Kyoto - Enter into japanese Culture 

Theme of the day: The subtle beauty of Japanese culture

  • Shacharit & Buffet Breakfast

  • Tantalize your senses at  the Nonubiki Herb Fragrance and Spice Gardens

  • Tour Takenaka and Witness Traditional Japanese Carpentry 

  • Experience a Japanese “Tai Chi” session 

  • Prepare for Shabbat -Parashat Vayakel

  • Candle Lighting 5:43

Accommodations: Kobe



August 24

Shabbat- How do Jews live in a very foreign land?

  • Coffee in lobby

  • Walking tour to Chabad 

  • Coffee&cake at Chabad 

  • Shacharit, Torah, Musaf 

  • Kiddush, lunch and mincha

  • Shabbat rest

  • 6:39 Havdalah

  • Break out in song in our private Karaoke room in downtown Kobe,ice cream and late supper 

Accommodations: Kobe



August 25

Pristine Nature,Serenity,Beauty and Excitement

  • Shacharit & Breakfast

  • Sagano Romantic train - The beautiful scenery from the windows causes people to fall in love 

  • The  Bamboo forest? How are Children like Bamboo? 

  • Calm your soul as you stroll through Arashiyama Gardens- Beauty Beyond  Belief. 

  • The Magical Ryoanji Garden- 15 stones yet one can only ever see 14!

  • Kinkakuji The Gilded Lake House 

  • Exciting Sushi Workshop 

Accommodations: Kobe



August 26

Hiroshima-Praying For World Peace

  • Shacharit & Breakfast

  • Bullet Train (300 kilometers an hour!) to Hiroshima

  • Ferry to Miyajama- ,Sacred Deer Island. Considered one of Japan's prettiest islands- The deer wandered around freely 

  • Hiroshima Visit + The Peace Memorial Park & Museum

Accommodations: Kobe



August 27

Kyoto - Broken Hearts! Forbidden Love! Marrying for Love or Political Convenience

  • Shacharit & Breakfast

  • Nijo Castle -Medieval Shoguns Battling for Supreme Control of Japan. Can you hear the hidden hummingbirds?

  • Kiyomizu-dera Buddhist Temple - UNESCO World Heritage Site

  • 800 year-old Ritual Geisha Dance+ Traditional Tea Ceremony

  • Enjoy the Matsui Sake Brewery Tour- Taste 4 types of Saki

Accommodations: Kobe

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August 28

, Shoguns,Betrayals and Ritual Honor

  • Shacharit & Breakfast

  • Wooden Medieval Himeji Castle

  • Enjoy Akashi Bridge Visitors Center

  • Take the Bullet Train back to Tokyo

  • Farewell Dinner at Chabad Tokyo- Don't forget to wear your Kimono! Don't have one? No Problem we will get you one!

Accommodations: Tokyo



August 29

Sayonara - It has been a pleasure hosting you!

  • Breakfast Buffet at Hotel

  • Independent transfers to the airport -We will help you arrange them.

  • Safe Travels Home- You can use the plane time to go through all the pictures you took!




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