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Josh lives in Efrat with his beautiful wife, and together they have five kids and 11 grandkids. Known to his grandkids as “Pops,” he's a loving grandfather who leads a fun, active, and adventurous life, which includes guitar playing, cycling, and ballroom dancing with his lovely wife. He also has Smicha from Rabbi Riskin and is a trained therapist.

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Shelly Dembe

" The trip included everything I wanted: hiking in the mountains with beautiful views, some other adventures (like rafting), a chance to explore a scenic and quaint village, a chance to learn about the Jewish history of the country, nice accommodations and best of all: healthy, nutritious, tasty kosher food! KWA offers a kind of trip that is unique with its focus on doing outdoor activities in the national parks of other countries, while bringing together people from all over the US and Israel."

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