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Everything we do is K’dat VKadin

We use hotels where we either we take over the entire kitchen or have a Mashgiah supervising the food preparation.


All processed food has a hechsher and we used locally-sourced milk, eggs, fish, fruit and vegetables

In certain parts of the world there is no Hecher on a processed item. In these cases we follow the Kosher list put out by the Vaad Rabanim of the country

We provide Chalav Yisrael wherever possible (this is only available in certain countries)

We rely on kashrut information supplied by the local Chabad

Leafy vegetables are soaked in either salt or vinegar

All eggs and vegetables are checked

Shmirat Halashon / Gossip

Critical and cynical remarks or making fun of someone else should be saved for either before or after the trip.
KWA attracts positive people who enjoy being complimentary and helpful to each other.  


First of all, we are so thankful to Hashem for creating Shabbat. Shabbat is a straightforward Modern Orthodox Shabbat. If an eruv can be put up, we will do so. We hire extra staff to let people in and out of their rooms on Shabbat. Both men and women give a Dvar Torah during Shabbat.


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Do I have to keep Shabbat on KWA?

Yes — In the public areas.

There have been times when people have gone off to do their own thing. We do not judge at KWA.

We love the peace and joyfulness of Shabbat.

Dress Code

There is no dress code.


Some people wear skirts, some wear pants and some wear shorts. 

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Tefila follows the Modern Orthodox Halacha with a mechitza.
When we have a minyan we have Tefila three times a day and provide a Sefer Torah. 
Usually one of the participants volunteers to give a Dvar Halacha during davening. 

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