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Discovery and Culture

Imagine… Staring into the kind eyes of a baby Thai elephant as you wash its trunk. The water comes from the cascading Chang Mai waterfall, filling up the shallow pond you are both standing in. As you lift up your eyes, you see the age-old Buddhist Stepped Temple. As your Buddhist guide smiles at you, he shares why Thailand is called The Land of Smiles. 


Imagine… Arranging yourself in the Moroccan Camel’s saddle. You were just taught how to wrap the shmata around your head. All around is the Sahara Desert. And as you ease into the camel’s gentle gait you wonder if this is exactly how Avraham, Sarah, Yitzhack and Rebbeca travelled! 

From Morocco to Thailand and Vietnam, Kosher World Adventures Offers You Immersive Cultural Adventures

KWA only hires local guides, as they bring the flavours of their culture

At KWA, we eat kosher local cuisine

KWA takes you to cultural shows to learn and enjoy the local lifestyle

The KWA program leaders teach you the word of the day whether, it be in Italian, Arabic or Thai, and you get to count off in the local language. It’s a fun way to immerse ourselves in the local culture 

When possible we meet with the local people. Due to the language gap, usually a lot of smiling and pointing goes on as we drink tea together

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